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- Follow-up on your training
- Flexible to life style
- Weekly Schedule


- Evaluation
- Mid and long term planification
- Specific physical preparation


Whatever your fitness level or objective is, planning your training sessions remains a key point in the programming of your physical activities.
It allows for an efficient progression of your workouts and fitness level to achieve your personal objective.
Your work and family life does not allow you to work out regularly ?
I will follow-up on your training sessions by sending you a weekly schedule by e-mail that is adapted to your availability and life style.
Feedback from you is required at the end of each week to prepare and adapt the sessions for the week ahead.
Contact me by email or by phone to schedule a first appointment to discuss your objectives.


You work out on your own or as member of a sports club? You are looking for ways to vary your workouts and develop your training methods ?
Let’s meet and evaluate your fitness level in your discipline, your objectives and your current training methods.
Through mid and long term planning, we will enhance your training methods, your progress and finally get you to the next level.
As a sport professional with a wide experience in coaching sports, I will tailor make your training sessions. This includes specific physical preparation in your chosen discipline that will lead you to attain the physical qualities that you wish to develop.
Contact me by email or by phone to schedule a first appointment, to discuss your practice and set your objectives.